#Airbnb #IllegalHotels Coalition Wants to Counter Airbnb Sharing Campaign | Ticker Report

A coalition of politicians in New York, labor groups, hotel owners and housing advocates launched on Friday a campaign of $3 million against Airbnb as well as other websites that facilitate what they called illegal hotels, said a spokesperson for the coalition.

The group named Share Better has a goal of countering the media campaign of Airbnb that features stories that are upbeat of regular people that have rented out their homes, sharing meals or other experiences with guests.
Brad Hoylman a state Senator in New York said we couldn’t watch while illegal hotels and unscrupulous landlords exacerbate the housing crisis in New York City, by taking units from the market to rent to different travelers while residents in NYC are priced out of different neighborhoods they have called home for years.
Hoylman said that hotels that are illegal place visitors and resident at risk and need to be stopped at once.
Airbnb on its blog of public policy posted its response stating that there were 3 million New York City households and close to 25,000 listing on Airbnb, which were very few to make an effect on the prices of homes.
The response added that it is strongly opposed illegal hotels and the company was founded with the belief housing should be more affordable, more available and more accessible.
People have been removed from Airbnb that have resulted in adverse effects against travelers and the community of New York City.

Earlier in 2014, we looked at the New York community and found that a percentage of the property managers had been abusing the Airbnb site with their multiple listings and did not provide quality local experiences to its guest.
Those hosts were not making the neighborhoods where they live stronger and not delivering the type of hospitality the users of the site deserve and expect.
The site said it took proactive action and removed the hosts and their more than 2,000 listings online.
Earlier in September, Airbnb was sued by a group of users who do not want their personal information to be turned over in compliance with a court order.


Source: tickerreport.com

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