#InternetOfThings #SpeechRecognition: Speaktoit launches api.ai for speech service developers

Following on from the voice-based Assistant, Speaktoit has launched api.ai, a natural language understanding platform that opens up new possibilities for developers in the Internet of Things era by combining speech recognition, natural language understanding (NLU), and text-to-speech.

A couple of days after the launch, more than a thousand developers joined the platform. Developers can now voice-enable any device or app and make their products listen, understand and talk to users. The api.ai platform is now freely available for use.

api.ai is an advanced tool that allows developers to integrate speech interfaces into their solutions. In a matter of minutes, developers can design human-computer interaction scenarios and voice-enable their apps and devices. The API simplifies the work required to describe interactions by applying machine learning algorithms to conversation scenarios and by enriching natural language request examples that have been provided by developers with pre-built knowledge bases.

api.ai’s natural language platform is based on Speaktoit’s natural language processing engine, which has now processed over 1 billion requests for Assistant, the highest-rated voice assistant app on the market. Speaktoit Assistant for mobile devices is No. 1 top grossing Lifestyle app in the US with highest rating of all digital assistants at 4.6. In August, Assistant is coming preloaded into smart phones and carriers in the US, starting with Sharp that preloads the Speaktoit Assistant onto Sharp’s new AQUOS Crystal phones. The integration will be available on those devices that connect to the Sprint, Boost Mobile, or Virgin Mobile networks.

“As seemingly everything around us becomes Internet-connected, developers are looking for the best ways to improve the interactions we have with our devices, gadgets and apps,” said Ilya Gelfenbeyn, CEO, Speaktoit. “Wearables, cars, our homes – we’re starting to know what we want to talk to. Speaktoit wants to aid developers in how we talk to them. Voice recognition helps devices and apps understand what the user has said, but the main challenge is to understand the meaning, intent, and context of the words. Api.ai gives developers the tools they need to quickly build interaction scenarios for the most intuitive user experience.”

Source: Speaktoit

viaSpeaktoit launches api.ai for speech service developers.


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