#GoogleX Reports Say Google Working On Screens That will Join Together To Make A Bigger Screen

Google X is working on new technology that will allow people to put different screens together in order to make a much bigger screen. The new screen can be arranged in different shapes and sizes. The project has been kept “secret” for the time being and was reported by a few news outlets.

All the information about the screen is speculation right now, there has not been official word from Google about he project. Nothing has been said officially. However, it seems that the screens are going to be able to be stacked and connected like Lego bricks. It seems that the screens will not have a surrounding bezel in order to make the screens continues as they are connected to each other. The screen will extend from one edge of the device to another. The screens will be joined together without the image being interrupted.

According to reports, the new project has being kept secret even within Google. It is full of technical challenges and it seems that consumers do not see a need for the new technology. Mary Lou Jepsen heads the unit in charge of developing the new product. Jepsen was in charge of the one laptop per child campaign. This campaign was going to facilitate one laptop to children in developing countries. The project was not a success. Jepsen has said she has been working with screens her whole life. She likes flashing colors and was working on a device that would allow people to project video on the moon. The development of the device that projected video on the moon was abandoned due to health reasons.

The new technology would be fascinating to use. It has been people’s dream to join screens together and make a bigger screen. The only problem surrounding this will be cost. How much will each unit cost?

Source: www.dumb-out.net

See on Scoop.itQuand l’assurance apprivoise internet – Ronan de Bellecombe


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